Lake County Housing Authority is often asked how does one get on the list for upcoming projects? In order to become an LCHA approved contractor one must submit the following:

  1. Company Name
  2. Service Provided
  3. Email Address
  4. W-9 

Form W-9 is the IRS form used by a company to request your employer identification number. By submitting a W-9, you are certifying that the employer id number you are providing is correct and accurate. You also need to certify whether or not you are subject to backup withholding. Most taxpayers are exempt from backup withholding. The IRS might require backup withholding, however, if your name and tax identification number that you provide on the W-9 do not match with the IRS records

  1. Certificate of Incorporation (Illinois)

A certificate of incorporation is a legal document relating to the formation of a company or corporation. It is a license to form a corporation issued by state government.[1] Its precise meaning depends upon the legal system in which it is used, but the two primary meanings are: In the U.S.A., a certificate of incorporation is usually used as an alternative description of a corporation’s articles of incorporation. In English and Commonwealth legal systems, a certificate of incorporation is usually a simple certificate issued by the relevant government registry as confirmation of the due incorporation and valid existence of the company.

  1. Proof of Insurance

Must provide current Proof of Insurance

Once LCHA has received the information the company or contractor will then be placed on the contractor list and will receive email notification on projects that relate to their services. To see open projects and due dates you can click the procurement tab at